MissMortelle – Young Toilet Virgin has to suffer – Scatshop-$29.99

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A young slave has travelled all the way from Paris to Germany, because he wants me to take his virginity as a full human toilet. I am quite amused about how eager and nervous he is at the same time. First I make this little bitch lick my shoes and worship my amazing body. He is already very horny and excited to be used as a toilet for the first time in his life! I tell him to worship my ass with kisses and use his face as a seat. Then he must lick my butthole and prepare me for taking a shit. I really want to humiliate him, so I take him to the bathroom and make him lick the toilet seat, which he definitely does not enjoy so much. Then I stick his head into the toilet and tell him to lick the dirty, brown stains in there… Finally I flush his head in the toilet bowl. Now he is ready to be used as my shit hole. My toilet virgin is already trembling, because he is so nervous. I sit on his face with my big, round butt and take his breath away. Let´s see if he can take my poop as well as he takes the ass worship… Time to shit into this virgin´s mouth! I squat over his face and tell him to open his toilet hole for me. I shit a huge creamy load right into his mouth. It is clearly visible that it is very difficult for my virgin to bear. However I will not show any mercy today. He will receive a strict first toilet training, because he must become the perfect slave for me! I teach him to keep my shit in his mouth and slowly I will make him eat my shit, piece by piece. He will have to suffer a lot today, until I am satisfied.
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