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Come on, give me your cock, I want to suck your cock, all of you, your balls too, I love to suck u untik your soul, spanking a little my butt?.. yes come on spank me like your bitch… Im yours. Sniff my holes, bury your face on me, just put me clothespins in all my body, nipples, first, take my thong, catch it… come here and lick me, and make me feeel your warm tongue inside me, put me more clothespins, eveywhere… put you tongue so deep in my holes… and the last clothespin on my clit… Lets fuck me pretty hard and deep please… Until u make me cum so hard and intense, Fuck I gonna cum… UNTIL SQUIRT… I will go for a cup of glass… and make me squirt so many times until I fill this cup, whit white cum and a lot of squirt… A fucking lot… just start to lick and smell because is a great smelly stuff… all for me… and my mouth fill my mouth of this great cum and squirt… and sucking direct from your cock, putting my squirt and cum on your cock and taste a lot… And u can ends cumming while I suck you so pretty well and deep. Dirty talk all time like your bitch.
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