evakokoro – Bound girl is so desperate to pee – Scatshop/$15.99/2023

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This girl has been drinking coffee and needs a wee. But her master won’t let her go to the toilet. He decides to handcuff her, tape her legs together, put a ball gag in her mouth, put a clamp on her clit, and anal beads in her ass. He leaves her, desperate, on the floor moaning for someone to come and release her so that she can relieve herself. She rolls around on the floor because her bladder is too full for her to sit still. She tries to get out of her handcuffs, but she can’t. The beads in her ass and the clit clamp make it so difficult to hold it. Her bladder is screaming in pain. She continues to yell for someone to let her out, but its to not avail. She can barely stand it. Finally, her bladder has had enough and pee begins to stream out of her tight cunt. She moans because she never wanted to pee on the carpet, but she can’t hold on any longer. She releases the rest of her piss. It streams down her ass cheeks and drips off of the clit clamp. The anal beads fall out from pushing. When she is done emptying her bladder, she lays on the floor as sweet relief takes over her. Suddenly, the clit clamp, ball gag, handcuffs and tape don’t feel so bad. Her pussy throbs with relief.
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