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Alice decided she can do anything she wants , and she’s a star but Caroline decided to teach a little star . Caroline sat in the room on the floor I went into the room Caroline’s hands were tied I asked who it was Caroline replied Alice . A little talk with Carolina and then the room comes from our star Alice , I want her to teach and Carolina, too, we get it on the floor lifted her dress and remove her pants , then we stuff the panties in your mouth Alice , I pull the chest of Alice , Alice resists but we still , it shouldn’t raise your nose high , Carolina takes a Dildo and Fucks Alice between the legs in her pussy , then Carolina substitutes Alice’s head to my ass and I shit and piss on the head of his girlfriend Alice , hair Alice stikaet diarrhea , then again, we fuck Alice’s cunt with a rubber cock , but then Caroline says she’s about to explode , we put Alice cancer and Caroline shit on ass Alice , but Carolina shoots liquid diarrhea , all of Alice’s ass in shit and again we continue to have dirty shit from the pussy of Alice , Yes the Alice all in the shit and I stain the chest of Alice’s shit , after we did all his work we ordered Alice to suck a rubber cock with her mouth , to lick it with shit . Alice performed everything as an obedient slave . We taught a lesson to his girlfriend so that she did not get sick star disease . Alice realized her mistake and said that it will no longer behave .
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