STD-17 – Yapoo’s Market Settindo – Blu-ray remux 60fps

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デリバリー生体家具〜YAMADA便器2 〜ヤマダ会員お嬢様♡便槽酷使編
Delivery of Living Furniture YAMADA Toilet 2 Yamada Member Mistresses Toilet Misuse Edition

Starring: まこ (Mako), Iria, Akane, 美由紀 (Miyuki), Yun, Sara (first apperance!)

In the summer of last year, a new product delivered by the women-only YM biomedical furniture company “Meat Toilet Michi ~ settindo ~” was released. We have succeeded in developing a unique new service that can be used even if you are present, and have been well received by young female customers.
Thanks to that, I started to get on track in a short period of just a few months.
Therefore, we have introduced the “YAMADA Membership System” with the aim of further improving service for regular female customers and establishing a customer base.
As a result, the toilet utilization rate doubled and sales were strong.
Since there is still only one, it is undeniable that the function of processing the finished meal of the living body toilet, which is being overworked, is declining.
However, it was a desperate YAMADA toilet bowl to meet the member’s merciless desire for complete processing.

* Includes 12 scenes of beauty flight complete eating processing including urine and urine!
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Name: STD-17.mkv
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 01:59:15
File size : 19.7 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

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