GingerCris – Extra_Shit_Surprise – Scatshop/$25.99

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This little Shit princess save her shit for you. !!!
I Did a big pile of shit Friday and saved for the day after.
This is how I spent Saturday on my house. I take a shower on shit while i fuck my dirty tight holes. I love how my shit lends itself as a lubricant for my ass. 🍑💩. I fucked My holes and eat some pieces of shit. I tried to puked after eat but my shit did not go out. just the liquid, they shit stayed on my stomach and the day after I shit it 🙈 I recongnized the smells because was double strong . So good !
After film this amazing video my hair smelled poop for almost 3 days. 🤣
Can you imagine that you see me on the street and you come closer and I smell shit? how would your dick be?
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