ZRND-15 – Yapoos’ Market Project Zero Next

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Hardware specialist M host Ron, who belongs to the “Livestock Human Resource Dispatch Center”, receives a third delivery appointment including monitor use from Haruka, a beauty staff who works at a cosmetics company in Osaka City, and runs a car to Kansai. When I arrived at the meeting place, Haruka appeared with her company colleague Kokomi, who wants to relieve stress by bullying the M host as much as possible. Ron escorts them to a cottage house that has been arranged in advance for the center.

Please make me a slave of yours ♂ Golden M Host Shit Fighting Chronicles 2 Days of Obedience and Masochism Part 1

Starring: はるか (Haruka), ここみ (Kokomi, first appearance!)

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Name: ZRND-15.mkv
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Duration: 01:56:42
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Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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