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The mission here imposed on the beautiful girl punishment corps is the beach in summer, the women’s toilet, the changing room, and finally the life of a woman living alone. A thief who made a profit by setting up a camera in his room and selling the voyeur images at a high price, and a recurring molester who repeats the act without learning how many times he catches him and runs away. To carry out such an execution was to lower the presumptuous vile prisoner to life imprisonment below that of an animal. The beautiful girls completely fix the prisoner’s whole body on the floor toilet and admonish the fate that can happen from now on. Sure enough. The inmates who refuse are made to cry by repeatedly hitting the whip or trampling on their heels, forcing them to eat and drink excrement as a human urinal, and sometimes using various methods to remove filth such as sputum, saliva, and urine mixed with mastication. I poured it into my stomach. When I couldn’t finish eating and was about to choke and throw up, I waited for repeated whipping, stepping on heels, and pressing cigarettes. The only way for prisoners to escape physical pain was to put all the filth they were given as their only meal into their stomachs. The beautiful girls who have finished using the toilet have the inmates who are restrained in the face chair during the filth punishment deliberation clean up the parts soiled with excrement by word of mouth. If he can’t do it well, he will be confined in the toilet for the rest of his life, so he inevitably moves his tongue and licks off the dirt, but the beautiful girls put their whole weight on their beautiful buttocks as if they were laughing at it.
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