ZRND-02 – Yapoos’ Market – Project Zero Next – Blu-ray

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In a room in an apartment in an upscale residential area, three young ladies, Lemon, Nanako, and Usagi, continue their slow, insidious, and cruel lynching training of their pet livestock, Gori. The livestock gori’s body was covered in bruises due to severe physical pain such as being violently whipped by the three men, trampled on with sharp stiletto heels, and repeatedly burned with cigarettes. But it doesn’t stop there, he makes her smell her pantyhose legs and bare feet, she suffocates him with her panty butt while she’s completely restrained, he suffocates her on the face, and she even forces him to give her cunnilingus service with his head inside her stuffy skirt. The girls’ persistent training continued all night. Early the next morning, the three young ladies have the urge to defecate, and decide to downgrade Gori from a pet livestock to a toilet livestock that collects rich urine and feces in the morning.


Name: ZRND-02 .mkv
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 01:46:03
File size : 18.5 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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