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It’s been a while since I’ve been in my maid uniform and I seen that the toilet was due a very very deep clean so I grabbed my gear and gloves and I was off little did I know… just moments in… I’d need to get so bad ‼

I wanted to hold it and just finish up as I was nearly finished 🤭

But it doesn’t always work that way does it 😈💅🏻

I made such a hot mess while cleaning I just got so freaking wet I had to just drop what I was doing “literally” 😈🤤 and just embrace the filthy fun 🥵

Do you need your bathroom cleaning? 😝 maybe you’ll walk in and find my ruined my dirty panties with a load full of poop and pee smearing it all in while I watch myself in the mirror just hoping that someone finds me 😈

If you did what would you do?

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