Yapoos’ Market – ZRND-03 – Project Zero Next – Blu-ray remux

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黄金Mホスト〜アイドル姉妹の慰みもの便器奴隷 前編
Golden M Host Idol Sisters’ Plaything Toilet Slave Part 1

Starring: 山本 奏 (Kana Yamamoto) as 姉 奏役 (older sister Kanade) and 久我かのん (Kuga Kanon) as 妹 かのん役 (younger sister Kanon)

The older sister Kanade and the younger sister Kanon, who form the internet idol sister unit “MelodyBell”, are enjoying a comfortable video streaming life in a luxury apartment in Tokyo that they purchased with their parents’ inheritance. However, even though he had recently released the video for his new song “Melody”, the number of online views from fans had been declining, which made him frustrated… So, in order to relieve their frustration, the sisters contacted a female-only business M host club called “Livestock Human Resources Dispatch Center” that they have been using for some time, and decided to procure a livestock M host to relieve their stress. At first glance, the cute-looking cute sisters actually have the most bizarre perverted and sadistic tendencies, and behind the scenes they imprison the rented M hosts, sexually abuse and torture them, and make them eat their own excrement and filth. That gave me a sense of pleasure. For this reason, he had converted a room in his apartment into a confinement and torture room, complete with soundproofing equipment, and renovated it to look like a ruin with exposed concrete. However, the person who was dispatched to the sisters’ home as a substitute for the popular young handsome M host who had been nominating them and toying with them every time was Ron, a dull, ugly, middle-aged M host. Moreover, the sisters’ frustration with Ron, who had no motivation at all and had a bad attitude, reached its peak. On the spot, Ron’s clothes, including his suit and shirt, were suddenly torn to shreds, he was slapped, kicked, strangled, stomped on stilettos, trampled with both legs, force-fed chewable food containing feces, urine, filth, suffocated with full-body restraints, face-sitting, and panties. The merciless abuse of domestic animals continued without a break, including continuous drinking of large amounts of urine over the pig, covering the pigs with urine-soaked panties, forcing them to drink urine in a private toilet, continuously using a human urinal, and forcing them to eat an extremely large amount of pig feces…

ネットアイドル姉妹ユニット『MelodyBell』を結成している姉の奏と妹のかのんは、親の遺産で購入した都内高級マンションで何不自由のない動画配信ライフを満喫していた。ところが最近、新曲『melody』を動画公開したばかりにも関わらず、ファンからのネット視聴アクセス数がやや下降気味で苛々していた…。そこで姉妹は、その苛立ちを解消する為に以前より利用している『家畜人材派遣センター』という女性専用出張Mホストクラブに連絡を入れ、ストレス解消用の家畜Mホストを一匹調達することに。一見、愛らしい容姿の萌えカワ系姉妹は、実は最も猟奇的な変態加虐性癖の持ち主で、裏ではレンタルしたMホストを監禁、性的虐待や拷問をし、自分らの糞尿汚物を完食させることで快感を得ていた。その為、自宅マンションの一室を監禁拷問部屋として防音設備を完璧にしコンクリート剥き出しの廃墟風にリフォームしていた。だが、毎回指名して弄んでいた売れっ子の若いイケメンMホストの代役として姉妹の自宅に派遣されて来たのは、冴えないブサメン中年Mホスト ロンだった。しかも全くやる気無く態度も上からで悪かったロンに対し姉妹の苛立ちは頂点に達する。その場でいきなりロンのスーツ、シャツ等衣類をビリビリに剥ぎ取り、ビンタ、蹴り、首絞め、ピンヒール踏み付け、両脚でのトランポリング、糞尿汚物入り咀嚼物の強制餌付け、全身拘束で窒息顔面騎乗、パンティー越しの連続大量飲尿、尿濡れパンティー被せ、個室トイレでの強制飲尿、連続糞尿人間便器、超大量糞の豚喰い完食強要等の容赦のない家畜虐めは休む間も無く続けられた…。

Name: ZRND-03.mkv
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 01:51:18
File size : 19.5 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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