Yapoos’ Market – ZRND-04 – Project Zero Next – Blu-ray

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黄金Mホスト〜アイドル姉妹の慰みもの便器奴隷 後編
Golden M Host Idol Sisters’ Plaything Toilet Slave Part 2

Starring: 山本 奏 (Kana Yamamoto) as 姉 奏役 (older sister Kanade) and 久我かのん (Kuga Kanon) as 妹 かのん役 (younger sister Kanon)

Her older sister Kanade and her younger sister Kanon, who form the online idol sister unit “MelodyBell”, have recently released a video. Online viewing access from fans of the new song “Melody” has been declining slightly. To relieve their frustration, the sisters rented a livestock M Host from a female-only business M Host club called the Livestock Human Resources Dispatch Center. A middle-aged livestock host who is dull and has a bad attitude was dispatched to replace the popular handsome host who was originally scheduled to be nominated. Her irritation with Ron gradually escalates, causing him to destroy her body and feed her feces and filth. Such cruel torture and rearing continued day and night. He restrains Ron on his back on the chair of an electronic piano, imprisons his head in the stuffy pannier inside the flared skirt of the pure white costume he wears for the new song, and gives him performance lessons while sitting on his face, driving him to the brink of fainting due to lack of oxygen. Water is given by using a large amount of saliva in a human phlegm pot, or by using a drinking funnel or a Japanese-style toilet for direct drinking. As solid food, they are forced to eat a large amount of excrement and filth, and if they are slow to eat or if they vomit even after eating, the punishment is a human punching bag with both hands suspended from the ceiling, a long period of whipping, and lynching, all devised on the spot. Her skin was mercilessly burned by the forceful nipple needle pricking and the most cruel branding several times in a row. Ron, who was forced to take a picture of her miserable and pitiful appearance on the spot as an image to be published on social media, was now on the verge of death, both physically and mentally, and sobbed and begged for him to return it and let him go home, but his sisters did nothing. He doesn’t listen and uses his mouth, tongue and nose as a sex toy and orders him to sexually satisfy her…

一見、愛らしい萌えカワ系の容姿とは裏腹に実は最も猟奇的な変態加虐性癖の持ち主で、ネットアイドル姉妹ユニット『MelodyBell』を結成している姉の奏と妹のかのんは、最近動画配信したばかりの新曲『melody』のファンからのネット視聴アクセスがやや下降気味だった。姉妹はその苛立ちを解消する為『家畜人材派遣センター』という女性専用出張Mホストクラブから家畜Mホストを一匹レンタルした。元々指名予定だった人気のイケメンMホストの代役で派遣されて来た冴えない上に態度の悪い中年家畜Mホスト ロンへの苛立ちはどんどんとエスカレートして行き、肉体破壊や糞尿汚物餌付け等の残酷な拷問飼育は昼夜を問わず続けられていた…。ロンを電子ピアノの椅子に仰向けに拘束し、新曲用純白衣装のフレアースカート内の蒸れたパニエに頭部を幽閉、顔面騎乗しながら演奏レッスンを行い酸欠失神寸前まで追い込む。水分として与えるのは人間痰壷状態にしての大量唾痰、飲尿ロートや直飲み用和式便器を利用しての濃厚尿。固形餌としては大量の糞尿汚物完食強要で、食べ方が遅かったり、食べても嘔吐してしまった場合は処罰として天井両手吊り上げでの人間サンドバッグ、長時間の鞭打ちリンチ、その場で考案した強引な乳首針刺し、そして最も残酷な数回連続の焼き印押し付けで容赦なく膚を焼かれる。その悲惨で哀れな姿をSNS公開用画像としてその場でスマホ撮影を余儀なくされ、最早、心身ともに瀕死状態のロンは自ら必死に返品帰宅させてくれる様に啜り泣いて哀願するが、姉妹は一切聞く耳を持たず更に性玩具として口舌鼻を使い性的満足させることを命令する…。

Name: ZRND-04.mkv
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 01:44:13
File size : 18.1 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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