DirtyBetty – Special Burger Palace I

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At our amazing restaurant SBP (special burger palace), you will not only get up close and personal with (hot?) and huge buns spewing endless shit right out of a dirty and hairy throbbing hole, but you will also be treated to a real shit sandwich! It doesn’t matter who you are, a lover of gastronomic delights, a connoisseur of huge fragrant asses or a real underground pig who dreams of filling his belly directly from Betty’s sexy ass! If you are reading this, you will automatically become an honored guest of our restaurant, and don’t be confused by cockroaches running back and forth, howling wind outside the window, garbage, mold, scary toys in the background, ghosts, and so on … because you have already crossed the border of worlds , and reached the very heart of this otherworldly kingdom where lust and debauchery, beauty and ugliness, sexuality and disgust rule! (unigue atmosphere with creppy sound embience, picture coloring and without cutting) scat/toilet fetish, shit eating, copro games

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