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Inside this pleasure dungeon, a lady is busy defecating on the floor! It has been a while since she has released, so she manages to create a long line of poop in this situation! When she could no longer release anymore, she lies down beside her filth and then finger fucks herself! Shortly after, she proceeds to pleasure herself using a vibrator, only stopping after her boyfriend starts joining in on the fun! He buries his face in between her butt cheeks and begins orally pleasuring her asshole! By the time he is convinced that he has done enough, he lies down on the floor and then has the sweetheart suck his dick! She spends a generous amount of time on it before placing two massive chunks of poop beside his cock! She then gets on top of him and starts riding his penis! This goes on for a while before she is laid down on her back and continues getting fucked! By the time the man reaches orgasm, he pulls out and then shoots his load all over the lady!

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