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I need you to be very quiet while you watch me tease, strip and shit, because my house is filled with guests tonight, but I still wanna sneak in some fun 😉 I wash up a bit before getting down to the floor where you’re watching me, I pull up my shirt and bra to reveal my pair of nipple clamps, which I tear off me with the chain in my teeth (I have fun putting them on and taking them off again) 😉 I give you a slow strip tease until I’m left with my pushed up shirt and bra, bending over to expose my butt plug. I turn on the shower to warm it up before rubbing baby oil all over my clamped tits and lower. I get down on my knees and show you my plugged ass doggy style, oiling up my plump ass and pussy, and toying with my hole before pooping out my plug, all while trying to keep quiet so my guests won’t hear! <3

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