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I’m in a hotel in India. It’s dirty, smelly, with poor service. Well now that it’s smelly anyway, I feel brave enough to take the risk of upping the smell big time! I sit on the toilet like a good girl, doing what’s expected of me. I encourage you to start rubbing the bulge in your pants. I start rubbing my pussy in my cute white panties as I desperately try to hold back a massive load. Squirming, breathing and moaning I manage to hold it in for a while. I describe to you how amazing it feels. I beg you to jerk off hard for me. Finally it becomes impossible and I uncontrollably release all of my long held massive load of poop and pee in my cute white underwear. The anal stimulation feels incredible! I am so horny at this point that I just NEED to cum. I tell you to jerk off harder, join me in the orgasmic ecstacy! Moaning from pleasure I rub myself as I sit and squirm in my filthy poop-filled panties. The smell amps up my arousal even more. I beg you to cum with me, cum all over me as I explode into an amazingly powerful shaking orgasm! Wow that feels SOOO good!! Then I realize what a mess I’ve made and how strong the smell is. It occurs to me that I could get caught! As you will find out, the cleanup turns into a stinky disaster…

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