Kitty Skatt – Clogged toilet pantypoo masturbation

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Due to my incredibly horny pantypoop masturbation session in this hotel, I completely clogged the Indian toilet with my massive load of poop. Indians are very small people and poop very small too. I’ve seriously lost count on how many toilets I’ve clogged here with my massive logs alone… For this clogging situation I could not find any tool to unclog it yet. Believe me I’ve tried!

So the shituation is now that the toilet is still fully clogged with my smelly poop, saturating the hotel room and beyond. And I desperately need to poop. And I’m desperately horny, again. I need to poop so urgently that poop already started coming out into my panties, beyond my control. Of course this makes me so much more aroused! I surrender to the shituation and decide to see how deep this rabbit hole goes. I sit on the clogged toilet full of my poop, lid up. I start rubbing my pussy vigorously while moaning as I tease myself, trying to hold my massive load. I describe in detail how delicious it feels to feel my asshole so full of thick warm poop. I lose control and a gigantic amount of my thick smelly poo fills up my panties. I then wet myself, making it all the more messy and smelly.

It turns me on so much that I almost cum quickly afterwards. I beg you to jerk off hard and cum together with me. I want your hot cum all over my filthy wet poopy panties please! We explode into an incredible orgasm together. Me, the toilet and the bathroom are covered in poop stains and the place is oversaturated with my pungent poop smell. SO worth it! The aftermath is severe, the toilet clogged beyond belief. Will I have to call hotel staff for

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