Yapoo’s Market – YMF-26 – DVD – H264

YMF-26_(disc.1.of.2)_Yapoo YMF-26_(disc.1.of.2)_Yapoo YMF-26_(disc.1.of.2)_Yapoo

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The movie basically has 3 big themes: The slave must drink the pee of a big group of Japanese women. In the next scene the slave has to eat the shit of many of the women, the last one makes him eat random pieces of cold shit off of the floor. (one of my favourite Yapoo scenes, ever!) In the last scene the slave gets “drowned” in piss.

Name: YMF-26_(disc.1.of.2)_Yapoo’s.Market.DVD.H264.mp4
Permission: SD
Duration: 02:59:43
File size : 2.93 GB
Resolution : 632 @ 480


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