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Look at that little asshole all ready to give you your favorite hot shit. Opening that asshole all up for you stretch it nice and wide. Telling you when she shit last Kat teasingly stretches her ass open. Giving you a run down of what she ate you get intrigued on what todays shit is going to look like. Stretching her asshole Kat tries to give you some gapes but the shit just wants to come out. Kneeling low Kat stretches her ass open and lets out a fat log. Pushing so hard she gives you a huge prolapse right after she shits. Shoving her fingers inside her asshole Kat opens it up and pushes her insides out. Very clean and red you love when Kat prolapses for you. Taking her temperature and then showing off her shit pile. Kat gives you a flush flash and then teases you with her stinky ass.

Name: Shitting For You 54646546546Vol. 13.mp4
Permission: UltraHD 4K
Duration: 00:11:29
File size : 391 MB
Resolution : 3840 @ 2160

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