Lyndra Lynn – Big Dump In The Woods

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I’m hiking through the woods, half way in my tummy starts to rumble, do I need to poop now already? I’m always ready to have some messy fun no matter where. So I find a nice tree stump to sit on. I pull down my hotpants and get in position. I push out a massive creamy logs into my panty, this turns me on so much. I’m always bring some more stuff with me just in case when I want to have fun.
I sit down on my blanket and begin to pull down my panty, now you can see my shit covered ass and pussy and the big brown lump of shit falls down. I grab it and begin to smear it on my boobs and the rest of my body. Now it’s time to bring out my saved travel shit. I open my backpack and pull out 4 large bags with my shit. Must be a total of 7 piles of shit split in to 4 bags ready for me to have an amazing time in the woods.
I open up one by one and put them in a tray. Now the fun can really begin. I take a good handful and begin to cover my whole body in that creamy stinky mess.
I get so horny, being outdoors and being completely covered in shit, I go over to the stump and begin to fuck my pussy hard. Back on the blanket I grab a good amount of my shit, put it and my pussy and masturbate to a messy orgasm. I change between the blanket and the stump between smearing more shit on my body and masturbating, till I get a massive orgasm in the end and I can’t anymore, also with all the flies which want a piece of my nice shit too.

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