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Constipated, again. I am so bloated, I feel my belly being full of thick hard shit. I’m wearing adorable tight ankle socks that show off the gorgeous shape of my sexy feet. I’m wearing a sexy short skirt and an innocent shirt. I feel like getting dirty. I sit in doggystyle with my gorgeous socked soles right below my asshole. I start pushing, moaning, straining and groaning to try to release the big fat stuck shit. Eventually it works and you see a super thick hard log slowly slide out. It lands on my tightly sock-clad feet, I catch it and hold it. Feeling the shit with my feet turns me on a lot. So I start playing with the huge turd, sensually smearing it all over my socks until they are completely covered in my thick smelly poop. You hear my breath and moans up close, witnessing my arousal. When my cute socks are fully covered with poo, I treat you to a delicious close up view. In the end I show you how I try to stay tidy as I take off my dirty socks.

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