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Mistress Anna’s – Scat Pack Collection – 191 Video clips

Mistress Anna’s – Scat Pack Collection – 191 Video clips

Welcome to my store! I am Mistress Anna and I am loving to use slaves as my human toilets! I have many slaves and I am always happy to try a new ones.

I am Supreme Goddess Anna
You can tell me your desires, your fears, limitations, fantasies, but understand I am only gathering things I can use against you. I will listen sympathetically, I will learn about you, to find more ways to manipulate you.

Your suffering is my art form. Your pain is my music. Your desire is my power. My beauty is your tragedy. Respect me and I will respect you!

About Me
I am not here for you. You are here for me. I do not think of you as a slave. A slave is something useful. Calling you a slave implies that you have worth in yourself. I am not looking for a Mistress-slave relationship. This is Predator-prey. You can tell me your desires, your fears, limitations, fantasies, but understand I am only gathering things I can use against you. I will listen sympathetically, I will learn about you, to find more ways to manipulate you. Your suffering is my art form. Your pain is my music. Your desire is my power. My beauty is your tragedy. I do not yell or curse or even raise my voice. My commands are given in a short, crisp voice, the voice of one who expects to be obeyed. My power is in my voice, personality, beauty. But I am willing to hurt you. I enjoy your pain.

2 Goddess Feed Slave.ScrinList7 Days 7 Shit.ScrinListAll Inclusive.ScrinListAss Sniffing Farting & Shitting.ScrinListAssworshiping And Crap.ScrinListBall Kicking And Shit.ScrinListBalls Kicking, Blood And Shit.ScrinListBig Lump Of Shit.ScrinListBig Shit And Cum In His Mouth.ScrinListBig Smelly Shit.ScrinListBig Soft Shit.ScrinListBlack Slave Eat My Shit Fast.ScrinListBorn To Eat My Shit.ScrinListBottom Feeder.ScrinListBroken Toilet.ScrinListBrown Gifts.ScrinListChew And Swallow.ScrinListChew And Swallow All Shit.ScrinListChristmas Breakfast Pov.ScrinListCreamy Shit And Farts In Your Mouth.ScrinListDay 2 He Swallows All My Shit.ScrinListDay 3 Bottom Feeder.ScrinListDay 4 Eat Shit And Farts After The Gym.ScrinListDay 5 Ashtray And Toilet.ScrinListDay 6 Making Spiderman A Full Toilet.ScrinListDay 11 The Biggest Shit He Ate Last Day.ScrinListDiarrhea.ScrinListDiarrhea Eater.ScrinListDiarrhea In London.ScrinListDisgusting Shit And Piss Together.ScrinListEat Diarrhea From 2 Goddesses.ScrinListEat From My Huge Ass.ScrinListEat My Poop.ScrinListEat My Shit And Clean Me.ScrinListEat My Shitty Logs.ScrinListEat Or I Will Cut Your Dick.ScrinListEat Shit Dog.ScrinListEat Shit From The Floor.ScrinListEat That Ass And Shit Pov.ScrinListEat This Shit.ScrinListEat Your Shitty Breakfast.ScrinListElectric Chair Toilet.ScrinListFacesitting Scat.ScrinListFacesitting Shit In Mouth.ScrinListFacesitting Toilet Hole.ScrinListFairly Soft Shit.ScrinListFart And Shit In Black Spandex.ScrinListFart Sharts Assworship And Shit.ScrinListFarting Your Breakfast.ScrinListFarts And Shit During Covid.ScrinListFarts And Shit Smother.ScrinListFarts And Shitty Torture.ScrinListFarts Eater.ScrinListFat Smelly Shit.ScrinListFeet Care And Toilet Mouth.ScrinListFlow Shit And Piss.ScrinListFoot Slave Eat Shit.ScrinListFoot Slave Eat Shit_1.ScrinListFoul Shit.ScrinListFour Shit For Christmas.ScrinListFour Shit For Christmas_1.ScrinListFrench Toilet Day 1 Eat My Creamy Shit.ScrinListFrench Toilet Day 2 Eat Farts And Shit.ScrinListFrench Toilet Day 3 Diarrhea.ScrinListFrench Toilet Day 4 Creamy Shit.ScrinListFrench Toilet Day 5 Puke And Eat Shit.ScrinListFrench Toilet Day 6 Scat After Gym.ScrinListFuck My Shit With Your Tongue.ScrinListFull Mouth With Creamy Shit.ScrinListFull Toilet For Two Mistresses.ScrinListFull Weight Fart And Shit.ScrinListGigantic Shit For Breakfast.ScrinListHairy Mistress Scat.ScrinListHot Facesitting Shit And Farting.ScrinListHot Yellow Diarrhea.ScrinListHot Yellow Diarrhea_1.ScrinListHow I Cook.ScrinListHow I Wake Up On Friday.ScrinListHuge Creamy Shit Directly In Mouth.ScrinListHuge Long Shit.ScrinListHuge Nasty Shit.ScrinListHuge Turd From Tight Ass.ScrinListHuman Toilet Chair.ScrinListHuman Toilet In Chastity Belt.ScrinListHuman Toilet Paper.ScrinListHuman Toilet Seat.ScrinListImg_1092.ScrinListImg_1104.ScrinListImg_1166.ScrinListImg_1288.ScrinListImg_1402.ScrinListImg_1459.ScrinListImg_1511.ScrinListImg_1675.ScrinListImg_1808.ScrinListImg_1854.ScrinListLittle Stinky Shit.ScrinListLong Shit.ScrinListLoud Farts And Shit.ScrinListLoud Farts And Shit In Leather Pants.ScrinListMake Me Cum And Eat Shit.ScrinListMe And Alice Piss And Shit In Mouth.ScrinListMe And Mistress Jane Using Black Human Toilet.ScrinListMistress Nias And My Cow Shit.ScrinListMistressanna – Unstoppable Shitting.ScrinListMonster Shit And Pee.ScrinListMorning Diarrhea.ScrinListMorning Duties.ScrinListMy Big Fat Shit.ScrinListMy Brownie For Dinner.ScrinListMy Huge Shit.ScrinListNasty Farts And Shit.ScrinListNasty Syrupy Shit.ScrinListNetherland Toilet Slave.ScrinListNew Shit Eater.ScrinListNew Shit Pov.ScrinListNew Slave Try Shit First Time.ScrinListNorway Toilet Swallow All My Shit And Pee.ScrinListPathetic Toilet Slave.ScrinListPissing.ScrinListPounds Of Shit.ScrinListPov Ass Scat.ScrinListPov My Shit And Piss On Your Face.ScrinListPov Scat.ScrinListPov Scat Scat.ScrinListPov Scatt.ScrinListPov Shit Huge.ScrinListPov Shit Shit.ScrinListPov Turd.ScrinListPov Verbal Humiliation Shit And Piss.ScrinListPov Whit Underwear Shit.ScrinListPushing Poop In His Mouth.ScrinListQko.ScrinListReal Shit Eater.ScrinListScat.ScrinListScat Giant Shit.ScrinListScat Pov.ScrinListSealed Mouth To Ass.ScrinListSeamen And Shit.ScrinListSecond Day Of Eating Shit.ScrinListServing Breakfast.ScrinListSeven Days Of Shit Week 1.ScrinListSexy Dress Shitting Pov.ScrinListSexy Mistress Shit.ScrinListShit After Beach.ScrinListShit And Cbt.ScrinListShit Directly In The Mouth.ScrinListShit Eater And 2 Goddesses.ScrinListShit Eater Worm.ScrinListShit In Boots.ScrinListShit Licker.ScrinListShit Too Big To Push Out.ScrinListShitting Twice.ScrinListSmell My But And Test My Farts.ScrinListSmelly Diarrhea.ScrinListStrapon Farts And Scat.ScrinListSuck My Shit Out.ScrinListSummer2 Ep8 Jalapeno With Shit.ScrinListSummer 22 Ep1 Eat All.ScrinListSummer 22 Ep2 Shitting Twice.ScrinListSummer 22 Ep3 Spaghetti Shit.ScrinListSummer 22 Ep4 No Food Only Shit.ScrinListSummer22 Ep5 Chorizo Shit.ScrinListSummer22 Ep6 No Mercy Scat.ScrinListSummer22 Ep7.ScrinListSummer Human Toilet.ScrinListSwallow And Lick Me Up.ScrinListSwallow My Big Warm Shit.ScrinListSwallow My Big Warm Shit_1.ScrinListSwallow My Monster Shit.ScrinListSwallow Shit From The Floor.ScrinListThick Shit For Dinner.ScrinListThick Shit For Dinner_1.ScrinListThird Day Of Eating Shit From 2 Goddesses.ScrinListToilet Paper Tongue.ScrinListToilet Pig In Milan.ScrinListToilet Pov.ScrinListToilet Pov_1.ScrinListToilet Slave From Brussel.ScrinListToilet Slave In Germany.ScrinListToilet Training Part 1.ScrinListToilet Training Part 2.ScrinListTorrent Of Diarrhea.ScrinListTurning Master Into A Slave.ScrinListTwo Dommes Use Toilet Slave.ScrinListUk Slave Drowning Under Tons Of Shit.ScrinListWeek Of Giant Shit.ScrinListWet Farts And Shit.ScrinListWhite Goddess Black Slave.ScrinListYou Are Only A Toilet To Me.ScrinListYou Need To Swallow Faster.ScrinList

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Jayne Doe – Load Eater – Amateuris

Jayne Doe – Load Eater – Amateuris

Loa54353534535d Eater 00000 Loa54353534535d Eater 00001 Loa54353534535d Eater 00002
Loa54353534535d Eater.ScrinList

Tag:Scat,Copro,Shit,Scatt,Shitting,anal,anal poop,poop,ScatXXX,Scat Fist,Fisting Anal,copro scat

Name: Loa54353534535d Eater.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:05:44
File size : 414 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

The post Jayne Doe – Load Eater – Amateuris first appeared on Extreme Copro Site # 1.

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