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Have you ever wanted to share a dirty, delicious meal with your favorite ginger coprophile? Everyone knows how much *I* love to eat shit because I’m a nasty bitch…but I know that you love it too. Let’s share some of my creamy, hot shit. I have been preparing it for 2 days. It’s been cooking deep inside my ass…waiting for you to share with me. Watch me fuck my ass while I pull out my shit for you. I know you like when I am extra nasty so I paint my face like a good bitch. I know you are jerking and thinking about licking my shit from my face. I love licking my fingers and tasting that rich shit. But I think we both deserve a full bite. It’s so yummy when I stuff my mouth completely with my hot butt fudge. I love the feeling it makes when I chew it and it squishes between my teeth. Do you want a bite? You want to share with me? What’s better than eating the shit from a beautiful girl? Watching her puke it out and prepare the second meal! I love gagging for you while my vomit and shit pour from my little face. Does Daddy want to share a second meal with me? Do you think I am cute when I destroy my hair and body with a shit-vomit shower? I smell divine! My stomach juice is so slick…it makes great lube. Let me jerk that cock for you Daddy. Let me jerk your thick man-meat with my slick shit-vomit. I even prepared a special surprise for dessert! Let’s just say that it’s red and it only comes once each month. Extra nasty and extra delicious. I made this meal to share; will you share it with me Daddy?

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