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Filmed in 1080p/60fps. I know that some of you…ok…*most* of you…just enjoy watching little girls shit. Then you’ll love this series. When my Fans buy a load of my Colombian butt fudge…they often request a ‘delivery video’. They just want to see that the shit I am sending them is coming from my ass. And I thought you dirty, perverted men would really enjoy watching me make these delivery videos. So…this is Part 1 of the series. There will be move to come. I hope you jerk your cock so much watching my asshole squeeze out my delicious, creamy shit.

Filmed in 1080p/60fps. Here is the second installment…Part 2…of the Special_Delivery_Compilation series. It includes 3 more delicious scenes of me preparing hot, creamy loads of shit for 3 of my biggest Fans. I was a bit more creative with these 3. In the first scene, you may think…she looks ready to go out..and that would be true. I was leaving for school and the urge to shit was overwhelming…so I skipped my first class and made that delicious video. I was a little hungry so I ate a quick bite of my own disgusting shit before going to class. I’m sure my classmates could tell something was different that day. I never promise PiP…but 2 of these 3 scenes include PiP. I think your cock will explode before you finish the 2nd scene. LOL. I enjoyed making these videos and I hope you enjoy watching them…you nasty boys!

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