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Bell bottom white , I love and it is very well visible traces of shit and piss . In this video clip I and Olga wearing white panties and at first, we posed for you , and then we started to fill the panties with piss and shit , big pile of shit keep our panties , we show you first clean your ass and then we filled her panties with shit . Dear our fans and the fans , we love you and appreciate you and without your support we would not be able to rise to the top , you are the best we love you very much . We hope that you will be with us always , and we in turn promise you to radiate you new hot video . Don’t forget to shop in our store , leave your hot comments on our videos , make custom requests to the video according to your script . We ask you not to stop but to continue to make purchases in our store . We love you and we are happy that you have with us . With love to you yours Olga and Yana .
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