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Lisa finishes taking a shit all over white boy’s face. The shit is perfectly placed across his lips. Another section of the shit broke off and landed in a pile next to his head. She smears this fresh load all over his face, into his nose, and over his lips, forcing him to sniff and lick it. Then she wraps the saran wrap back over his head, sealing the shit in. Lisa then puts on her strap-on and fucks the slave in the ass while he lays on his back. Then she puts him on his side and kicks him repeatedly in the stomach. The slave grunts and struggles to breathe as you hear the meaty thuds from her kicking torture. Lisa then gets out a bigger black dildo and fucks the white slave with it from the side. Lisa makes it hurt, pulling the dildo out then ramming it back in again and again. White boy’s screams are muffled somewhat by the shit-covered saran wrap, but they are loud enough to piss Lisa off even more. She leaves the black dildo in white boy’s ass and stands in front of him again. White boy whimpers and starts to cry as he looks up at his black goddess in fear. This fear is well founded as the kicking torture continues. Lisa kicks and stomps the slave with her 6″ stiletto heels till he is a grovelling, sobbing mess. She lifts up the saran wrap just long enough to smear the shit in his nose and to shove chunks of it in his mouth, then fucks him with the strap-on more. She commands him to sniff deeply through his shit-smeared nostrils and to lick the shit-covered saran wrap. Lisa shoves her black dildo in white boy’s ass some more as he grunts and sobs in agony. Finally done with the slave, she duct tapes the saran wrap around his head so he can’t breathe, and laughs sadistically as she walks away.

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