QuinnBrooks – OMG I Have To Pee!!!!

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I’ve been drinking a ton of water and coffee all day, I just got in and have to pee so bad. I go into the bathroom and try and get the toilet seat up but it’s stuck. I try and pull it super hard and it won’t budge.. I start freaking out and pulling with all my might. I try for a few minutes. It will not budge so I have no idea what I am going to do… I have to pee so bad!! I start doing a pee pants and holding my crotch. I have no idea what I am going to do so I keep doing my pee dance. I keep grabbing my crotch.. I grab my phone and try and call my boyfriend since when I yell he doesn’t answer me. He doesn’t answer me and I’m running out of time…I can’t help it.. I let it out.. It feels so amazing, when I look down I see how wet it is and I get so embarrassed. I can’t stop peeing!!! It just keeps coming out. I can’t believe HOW wet my pants got… Wait till you see how much piss there is.

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