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My Master wants to play with his thing, that is to say me… To start, I have to put on my leash and my chains on my feet like a good obedient little dog…
I then give him an ultra slobbery and deep blowjob, until my eyes are completely covered in drool and the makeup is running everywhere… He whips my face…
Then he whips me and beats my ass, with a flogger and a leather swatter, before dildoing my anus with a big black dildo… This one starts to get covered in shit, so I suck it…
I then piss myself on it and in my face… before shitting and spreading shit everywhere, to come and dildo my ass again like a little female dog in need of a tail.💩
I dildo myself without stopping, in different positions. I suck my Master again, this time with my face full of shit…
He finally does me the honor of cumming in my big slutty ass….

All this, without forgetting to insult me ​​and remind me of my condition as a little submissive…
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