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Mistress Natalia Kapretti I took a good shit and had fun this morning. For better digestion, you always need move more. When I woke up, I decided fuck my slave. He grunted and groaned when my fist invaded his fucked ass, and when my favorite huge strap-on flew into him, he jumped up and his eyes widened. I like it so much when he has such face, it’s so funny and I happy about it. And then, then I really wanted to shit. As soon as he lay down on the floor, I crouched over his mouth and dumped huge pile of shit into him. Yes, this is best feeling, relief, but after looking at him lying with mouthful of shit, I had an idea. Putting strap-on in his mouth with shit, I sat on him ass and began jump, enjoying movement and feeling of fullness in my ass. This fun ride made me want to piss and shit again. Powerful stream of urine hit slave in mouth and he choked trying to either swallow or spit out my urine. But before I could take a piss, soft shit started spilling out of my ass. Shit started falling into the slave’s mouth. It was so exciting, so hot
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