AbigailDupree – Golden Brown Scat Excitement – Scat Smearing

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Wow, my poo feels so big in my tummy and it really wants to come out of my butt. I know that I shouldn’t hold it in, Daddy said that it isn’t good for me, but it feels so good. Why is feeling so good so bad? Oh boy, here comes the cramps again, they make me moan and that is when daddy looks through his peephole into the bathroom, the one I am not supposed to know about.

The feeling of needing to poop is so overwhelming that I will have to let it loose soon. When I do, I have a bunch of little orgasms that make me feel so good that daddy can hear me moaning in a high hoarse voice, in the next room. My butthole pushes way out so much as it scares me a little as I touch it. I feel sensational as the big turd wants out of me. I feel every inch as it is sliding out of me, making me dizzy. After the first little piece hits the bottom of the tub, I can smell that familiar poo. I know that when I smell my poo, my pussy tingles just like when daddy lick my down there I kinda loose control. I even feel like a different person just like the people at church when the Lord Jesus Christ takes over their body.

As the first amount of poo comes out, I spread my ass with my hands to help the orgasm become more intense, making me happy enough to pick up some golden brown smelly turd to smear on my ass, then on the floor of the tube. The smell is now really strong and I feel so happy. I write in it on the tub, smear it on my pussy and then my tits. I love playing in my poo, rubbing my but in it, pushing my butthole way out to prolapse to showing you how much I love being a good scat slut girl.

Thank you for watching me daddy…

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