Manurefetish – Dung Prison ScatBB

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During prison guard Lyndra Lynn’s shift, prisoner Franky was stinking up the whole cell and it even got to the guard’s room. So guard Lynn took care of the smelly Franky. She led him in handcuffs to the shower basin. Guard Lynn showered Franky several times with a bucket full of cow dung, even the armpits where most of the stench came from were not spared. After the whole stench of Franky was gone, she took care of him. For such behavior, there is an appropriate treatment. So guard Lynn pulls out the baton and fucks his asshole thoroughly. But that was not enough for her. So she grabbed her strap-on and put it on to be able to fuck Franky hard. But of course he was not clean down there either and pushed everything out. But that didn’t please guard Lynn and she covered him with it and fisted him afterwards. Guard Lynn was tired and she also wanted her fun, so she uncuffed Franky but he took the chance and he grabbed her and threw her into the pool full of cow dung. She was scared and tried to get the situation under control, but Franky had already put the handcuffs on her. Of course Franky didn’t forget how she treated him, so he gave her a good going over and made sure she didn’t get away. In the end, guard Lynn got a good load of manure from the barrel and Franky escaped from the Dung Correctional Facility.

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