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Watch me prepping on of my favourite toasts: with Avocado and a special ingredient.

I start with getting me a slice of toast out of the toaster, smearing avocado on it, spicing it up with a little salt. Changing rooms then. I lift up my skirt in the living room. Of course I wear no slip for a reason. I fill a glass full with my pee, putting it on the table next to the toast. Then I turn around, showing you my hot phat white ass and push a shit out. The turd explodes out of my ass like a cannonball – and most of it doesn’t land on the toast. I show you this amazing load of shit in detail, putting it on the toast then with my fingers. Licking the shit off them and start enjoying this special kind of toast. And the glass of pee…

Would you like to take a bite as well?
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